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Plasma cutter HD Cebora 165 source

Plasma cutter HD Cebora 165

Aggregate Series Plasma Prof 165 HQC CEBORA

CEBORA Italian company is a leading manufacturer of plasma units. The company has proven the quality of its products from the founding in 1954. They offer more than 60 devices from simple welding units for professional-quality plasma cutter HQC (High Quality Cut). The quality of products is confirmed by the producers CEBORA brands such as Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Maybach, Toyota, Ford, Land Rover, Mazda, Smart, Renault granting approvals, and after many tests and studies CEBORA recommending the use of products in their workshops. STIGAL is a technical and commercial partner brand CEBORA aggregates. Thanks to the unique technical solutions, units are high quality cut while reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas cutting, combined with advanced technical solutions used in plasma and plasma – aerobic cutters STIGAL makes them even more environmentally friendly and functional. Plasma aggregates CEBORA are built based on modern technology, taking into account the continuous increase in the level of plasma technology. Modern technology automatic pilot arc ignition high frequency / voltage minimizes interference. All are equipped with a variable current, which allows the optimal selection of cutting parameters for different thickness and species of the material being cut. Wide current range from 20 to 250 (depending on model) allows to obtain high quality cuts, regardless of the thickness of the material used. Compensation value is automatically displayed depending on the set parameters of the cutting process.