Zakład Elektryczno-Metalowy BOEM

Bystronic laser cutting system

SBystronic Laser Bystar 3015

Bystronic Laser Bystar 3015

Produced in 2008 in Switzerland laser cutting machine has a working field with dimensions of 3000 x 1500 mm, and the rotational axis enables machining profiles whose diameter is in the range of from 15 to 315 mm and a maximum length of 2700 mm. Laser cutting device is a universal solution, which besides flat processing also allows smooth and fast processing of spatial elements, pipes and profiles. Thanks to the available spectrum of laser we are able to optimally adapt to the needs of the customer to give even in the case of thick sheets grate cutting results.

    Basic data

  • resonator type: CO2
  • Type of control: NC
  • Laser Power: 3000W
  • Transfer to the x-axis: 3048mm
  • Transfer to the y-axis: 1524mm
  • Transfer to the z-axis: 170mm
  • The diameter of the detail machined on a turntable: 15 - 315mm
  • The maximum length of the work piece on the turntable: 2700mm
  • The maximum thickness of the black sheet: 20mm
  • The maximum thickness of stainless steel: 12mm
  • The maximum thickness of the aluminum sheet: 8mm
  • Automatic exchange of tables: YES
  • Maximum positioning speed: 80m / min
  • Dimensions of the machine: 12900 Length, width 6100, height 2070mm
  • Weight: 13500kg