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Shipping containers for special purpose

Shipping containers

Enclosures generators based on sea containers

BOEM company for many years, manufactures and supplies to the European markets container housing generators, which are made on the basis of sea containers. They are usually made by us, container structures. Inside them are installed generators or gas processing plants (bio-gas, natural gas, mining, etc.) in to Electricity. Our containers are built from the ground up based on the documents received. We adapt them completely to individual requirements and needs of our customers. Having a large-scale blasting and paint shop allows us to produce container dimensions:

  • Maximum height: 3.500 mm
  • Maximum width: 3.600 mm
  • Maximum length: 15.000 mm

The skeleton of the container is made of massive sections, so that the structure is strong, adapted to the crane lifting her - just like a standard sea container. The outer walls of the container are made of 1.6 mm trapezoidal sheet with increased resistance to atmospheric conditions. For extra protection against corrosion in welds container is secured protective primers, then cover the entire surface of the epoxy primer. Finally container is painted two-component polyurethane paints.

Unlimited use of shipping containers

The ability to customize the containers to individual customer needs creates unlimited possibilities of their use. In our production we made structures to the following applications:

  • Enclosures generators (eg. Biogas)
  • Portable heat generators
  • Water treatment
  • Gear stations
  • Drainage Systems
  • Cooling aggregates