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Underground waste containers

Underground waste containers

Underground waste containers revolution in waste management

The BOEM company from more than ten years produces and exports underground containers for garbage also has its significant share. Extensive experience results improve the quality of our products. The application of the principle of "iceberg" where it is visible only aesthetic "pillar" saves space and provides the aesthetics of the environment. Electronic control system reduces maintenance costs to a minimum. Thanks to the chip card, each household pays for garbage collection that actually created rather than as a lump sum so far. In addition underground waste containers will signalized themselves about the need to empty the container so there is no need to check the level of cyclic full.

Advantages of underground containers

  • Aesthetic, attractive design and space saving
  • Ensure a clean and hygienic environment
  • Tight isolate the waste odor
  • Ease of use for people with disabilities
  • Minimizing the cost of maintaining and operating
  • Durability several times greater than conventional solutions
  • Possibility of installation of containers for waste segregation
  • Noise reduction of garbage disposal

Producing underground containers repeatedly use materials to ensure a longer life compared to standard waste containers. Produced underground waste containers by us equip in different systems both placing and emptying waste container. Standard capacity underground storage tank is 3m3, 4m3 and 5m3, we can also make them according to individual customer requirements. Pillars are made from materials that enable long-term durability. Can be powder coated virtually any RAL color and the use of Anti Graffiti paint provide aesthetic appearance throughout the life of the trash. We offer full flexibility in the implementation of the markings of pillars, from simple technological stickers to striking plate. The areas around the pillars adapt to the position of any surface (non-slip plate, paving, etc)

Marketing materials

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