Zakład Elektryczno-Metalowy BOEM

Welded steel constructions

Welded steel constructions

Metal welded constructions

In addition to a wide range of containers, we also provide all the components and welded steel structures. The company's product range includes professional hardware, performed for many industries and in public procurement. Our metal products, designed for specialized machinery and equipment as well as everyday objects. Thanks to own department of construction - technology we realize the diverse needs of our customers. Modern machinery enables us to produce structurally sophisticated products. These products can be professionally painted on wet or powder-coated in almost all colors of RAL. Cooperatively, we can also apply the shell plating.

Examples of current projects

  • Containers type - leaning, dump
  • Baskets with shelter for bicycles (BikeBox)
  • Steel mesh baskets for storing potatoes
  • Trailers for boats and yachts
  • Bodies, agricultural trailers
  • Scissor Lifting Tables
  • Electrical Switchboard
  • Safety Lockers
  • Aluminium enclosures navigational instruments
  • Safes
  • Bath and Concealed Shelves
  • Steel containers for collection of used textiles and shoes
  • Steel containers commonly used in warehousing and logistics industry
  • Systems for collection and segregation of recyclable waste
  • Containers soundproof and equipped adequately to the needs of power plants for biogas
  • Welded steel structures commissioned