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LVD PPEB bending machine with KUKA robot

Bending machine LVD PPEB + KUKA robot

Press brake with robot

The machine is ideal for applications with high demands. Press brakes version to 320 tons are designed and manufactured using a welded one-piece frame machined without repositioning the machine and subjected to annealing through vibration, which guarantees the accuracy of the machine. New, intelligent, PC-based controller CADMAN® reduces the time from design to finished part ('Art to Part' time) and optimizes bending results. Bending parameters are controlled automatically using intelligent, "learning" the company database LVD. Multiple modes of operation guarantees the fastest times 'Art to Part'. Colorful graphics, 2D and 3D for simulating the creation of detail and displays a sequence handling the material provides optimum production details. Machine has many configurable options in place of the contract: open height, stroke, throat and a distance, there are also various options to limit the measurement. Standard bending using the V-axis CNC program over 2 meters.